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It's Christmas!

Yes it's that time of year again! This Christmas we want to help you out when it comes to gift ideas. Not only have we put together a couple of Christmas Packages together we are offering FREE gift wrapping with your purchases and arming you with some great blogs so you can put together a list for yourself or be inspired for someone else.

Stocking Filler Package

Choose 3 pairs of beautiful and colourful handmade laces in 3 colours of your choice! 

Put them under the tree, in a stocking or hung on the branches, these perfect little additions are functional and fun!


Accessories Package

You can't go wrong with the essentials! 

The Percy Stride Accessories Package features the "must-haves" you can mix and match with your laces and belt or decide to go a bit more traditional with 5 colours of each to choose from you can really make an impression!

Get Inspired

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